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About Neuleaf Design

Neuleaf Design was founded by David Tan. He's a graduate of the University of Manitoba BFA Honours program with a thesis in Graphic Design, while also holding a Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design from Red River College. David brings an array of design and application insights from over 10 years of studying and applying his practice in a variety of design fields and agencies. His spheres of experience and expertise range from publication and print design to interactive application and brand development.

His vision for Neuleaf Design grew out of the need for businesses with the ability to aptly communicate ideas and values in an effective and meaningful way. The mission of Neuleaf is to help design and foster exceptional brands that inspire definitive ideas and actions. Every project is considered a piece of a larger brand development strategy. Neuleaf Design works diligently to unifying a brand's unique message, and thus partner in the development of an effective & resounding brand image.


Neuleaf Design offers a wide array of customized design services. For further information on any of these items or anything else, feel free to contact David Tan.