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When we talk about social responsibility we're basically taking about fairness. It seems people and even primates—listen to Margaret Atwood's 2008 Massey Lecture, based on her book "Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth"—have an inherent ability to understand fairness. This suggests at some level that it's meaningful to the survival of our species, let alone our business.

Although a product or service may be great, people will wonder, at what cost?
I’ll be the first to admit that I like quality things, but there’s no other killjoy like knowing a product you enjoy also supports the oppression of others, thus impeding the sustainability of future generations.

Improve the social responsibility of your products and services, and give your customers the peace of mind they desire.

To get started, start thinking more about: how you get to work, where you source your products, how you dispose of waste, and basically how efficiently you use energy. If you have ideas of how to make your organization more social responsible, start making a list. Start implementing them one by one. This is a great promotional opportunity to let the world know what you're doing, through newsletters, email blasts, blogs, rss feeds or social media outlets like facebook and twitter. Adding social responsibility to the agenda is a great way to strengthen the perception of your brand, while also increasing the well-being of your staff and overall workplace environment. Become a leader for social responsibility in your industry, and start adding value to what makes you different. Become a beacon or rallying point for a cause. Your customers will be more forgiving of your brand in the future, and they'll also feel like supporting your business is making the world a better place.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability Examples: brewing fair trade coffee at the office (why not, people could chip in), sourcing fair trade or local products, installing renewable energy sources like solar cells and wind generators or just purchasing renewable energy through your local utility provider, equitable health benefits for employees, biking or car pooling to work, plant a tree, recycle office supplies, set up a charity, etc...Be creative!

To learn more about brand strategies that can propel your business, contact David Tan at Neuleaf Design today.

Improve the social responsibility of your products and services, and give your customers the peace of mind they desire.
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