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Design & Marketing Services

Design based on formal training and practice is the backbone of Neuleaf Design. Neuleaf offers a wide range of design services, all of which are customized to suit your needs and budget. At Neuleaf Design, the successes of our clients are our highest priority. Creating solutions that meet your vision of success is the objective of our business. If you are looking for design services that exceed your expectations, contact Neuleaf Design today.

Print Design

Whether you need business cards, annual reports, signage, or an outdoor campaign, Neuleaf Design has experience with it all. For print design that truly attracts attention, contact David Tan today.

Web & User Interface (UI) Design

Neuleaf Design is here to make your online experience easy and enjoyable. If you're looking to extend your brand to the web, would like to renew or add a CMS to your current website, or just need help with a motion graphics presentation, contact David Tan today.

Illustration Design and Graphic Communication

Illustrations and graphic communication plays a large part in delivering an effective message. Have you ever heard, a picture tells a thousand words, or that some people are visual learners? At Neuleaf Design illustration plays a key role in developing a unique brand experience. Illustration lends the opportunity to customize the exact look and feel of a message, reinforcing your communication. I have studied and employed drawings in a variety of forms and styles for past clients, so you're sure to find the exact style and feel you're looking for. Contact David Tan today.

Branding Services

Branding plays a large role in any business whether or not the owner is aware of it. Branding is basically the business of managing perceptions, and helping them flow in a more favorable direction. Branding permeates all aspects of a business, from the people and how they conduct themselves to the corporate identity and ads. At Neuleaf, I would love to help your business find and define itself. Let's work together tell the world your side of the story and why they should care about what you do.

Web Marketing: HTML Email, Adwords/SEM, SEO, Social Media, Local, Google Analytics, and more

Online marketing is ever-changing, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you better do your homework. Don't worry too much, Neuleaf has your Cole's Notes version to online marketing.

There's numerous strategies to consider when mapping out your online game plan: optimize the search-ability of your online presence, increasing linked pages, social media avenues, local business sign-ups, applying google analytics data and webmaster toolkit suggestions, using SEO tools, signing up for Google Adwords, and staying connected with your current customers by keeping the conversation going using HTML email campaigns. Then harnessing all these variables in your next e-marketing campaign. To learn more, contact David Tan today.

Motion Graphics and Interactive Presentation Design

Neuleaf Design offers a variety of video, flash and new media services. Whether you're looking for a video montage, tutorial or flash integrated presentation, you'll find it here. Add appeal to your next presentation with a custom branded Powerpoint or apple Keynote template. Add videos to your presentation and website to help customers better understand your products and services. Send your clients custom-branded HTML emails or interactive newsletters. Whatever you're looking for, Neuleaf Design is your partner for discovering solutions that meet your goals while working within your budget.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we see more people moving from traditional media to online and dynamic sources for their information, it's important that your potential customers can be find you on the web. A multilateral approach is key when looking to increase the search-ability of your online presence. Together we'll focus on creating relevant content and optimizing it for the various search engines, primarily google, yahoo and msn. To learn more, contact David Tan today.

Interactive Services


Neuleaf Design offers a wide array of customized design services. For further information on any of these items or anything else, feel free to contact David Tan.